AJ Group is a leader in the manufacture of professional waterproof clothing. The company has a long record of designing and producing waterproof garments, thigh and waist waders. In line with its commitment to user comfort and convenience, AJ Group develops the best materials for making professional clothing. In our production process, we only use proven fabrics of the best quality including Plavitex, AquaPros, Seal Skin or Opalo.

Our specialist water-resistant and waterproof clothing complies with all current standards in place (in terms of anti-static properties, visibility, fire resistance and many more). All our products are certified for the CE marking.

Our garments are produced in Poland, in our manufacturing plants in Konin and Turek. Clothing under the brands PROS, AquaPros or PROS EXTREME are available on nearly all European markets. The best evidence for the high quality of our products is the fact that our FLUO waders are used by fire brigades on the highly demanding Japanese market.