Since its foundation in 1973 CORMORAN has developed from a newcomer with innovative ideas, into the market leader in Germany.

Our strategy
In a wholesale dominated market it has always been our strategy to focus on an own product development.
An essential additional value for the angler can only be created with an individual positioning and product strategy. It is reflected in a clear denomination to a market strategy paired with flexibility and spirit of innovation.

The slogan “ERFOLG DURCH TECHNIK” claims CORMORAN’s position: We are one of the most important developers and producers of fishing equipment. This results in a continuously increasing customers’ brand awareness and brand loyalty. CORMORAN always confesses to its domestic market Germany. The international distribution network is mainly controlled and delivered from there. Due to our presence in the inner-European foreign countries all of our customers can benefit from our broad product range.

The in-house research and development department works closely together with specialists that inspect every novelty carefully and test them several times in practice. This established network enables a smooth communication between practice and development that results in new products that move the market.