Jean Grizaud, inventor of the BULDO®, belonged to a family from the Lyon area of France. He registered the patent for his float invention and launched a cottage-scale industry, before then moving to an industrial scale manufacturing process, producing 100,000 BULDO® in 1945.

BULDO® is continuing in its expansion and always aiming to go one step further. Constantly seeking the latest trends in terms of innovation, our expert technicians each day strive to design increasingly effective and environmentally-friendly products. For, using BULDO® products is also a way of respecting heritage and fishing sites as each float or article is designed using “clean” material. Particular attention is placed on the origins of colours, leads (with the latter never coming into direct contact with water), and other raw materials.

Finally, products are “made in France” which guarantees proximity to all retailers. This is, moreover, an assurance for all fishermen that they will be able to find the most suitable products in a short space of time.