Since the inception of the company as a manufacturer of muzzleloaders in 1969 its main goal has been to produce rifles with the utmost precision and quality. As the barrel of the gun is a key element, in 2004 Bergara specializes in manufacturing fine barrels with the latest technology.

Bergara rifles are defined by their high technical performance and efficiency of design that makes them arms of great precision. Weapons characterized by high quality, supported by long-term technological know-how, ensuring maximum efficiency and functionality.

On Thursday 12 May, Mercure Brandon hall near Coventry played host to Time Inc’s 21st annual Shooting Industry Awards. At the prestigious event the Bergara B14 rifle won ‘Best Rifle 2016’. The B14 has become a favourite with dealers and end users alike since it’s introduction in 2015. Bergara, already established as a quality barrel manufacturer, have created a rifle with one of the smoothest bolt actions on the market.